Gravel and rock quarry

Already in the 1940s the exploitation of the so-called Jutgåsdeltat located at Brobacka began. Gravel production lasted until the end of the 1990s when the Foundation started exploitation of mountain. In 2007, the provincial government authorized an exploitation of 7.2 million tons of rock until 2032 and the production today is almost entirely based on mountains. The annual production amounts to around 300,000 tons of which five concrete industries are among our customers. Another big customer, Sandahls, is also located in the gravel yard and has produced asphalt since 1998. Approximately one third of our materials are delivered to the asphalt company. The gravel yard today has six full time employees. We are environmentally certified according to 14001 and materials certified by NordCet. All the production is done in-house.

The gravel yard is open weekdays between 06:30 and 15:30. Telephone number is 0322 72050.

Our products

0/2 mm                               16/22 mm

0/4 mm                               0/18 mm road gravel

2/4 mm                               0/35 mm Base

4/8 mm                               0/80 mm Base

8/11 mm                              20/80 mm K-gravel

8/16 mm                              0/150 mm Crushed rock

Sprängning Östad, mars 2015



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