Östad Foundation owns over 60 residential buildings. Most of the houses are rented as permanent residences or holiday homes. The buildings are often beautifully located by the lakes Anten and Mjörn.

Agricultural Leases

The Foundation’s farming and pasture land covers about 500 hectares. All the arable land is leased for agricultural purposes, often linked to production of milk or to horses. Since 20 years, the main courtyard is used as horse farm.

Land Leases

The foundation owns about 100 plots with house owned by other. Many plots are beautifully situated at or near the lakes Anten and Mjörn.

Hunting Leases

About half of the foundation area is opened to through external hunting leases. In the internal area we are pursuing an active and long-term wildlife management. The animal families of elk, fallow, deer and wild boar are high for area. Hunting for trophy animals are held to a limited extent. Annually a few organized hunts are pursued, both in-house and in collaboration with forestry schools and universities with training in forestry and hunting.

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