Information for students

Considerations for permanent tenants In all four buildings used for student accommodations there are also permanent residences. Therefore we ask you to show consideration for permanent tenants in the buildings.


Internet access is available in all student buildings at Östad, including school building and buildings for accommodation.

Overnight stay

Bring your own sheets, pillowcases and towels.

Fire protection and evacuation routes

All buildings at Östad are built from wood or fitted with wood paneling. A fire can spread very fast why we ask all of you to check where you have the emergency exits and locations of ´the fire extinguishers. Evacuation plans are posted in the accommodations.


Smoking is not allowed inside in any building at Östad.


The parking space in the upper courtyard of the school is limited and the tenants have their fixed places. Therefore we only have 2 guest places. Do not park in the courtyard in front of the main building and neither in front of post boxes. Additional parking places are to find outside the building “Ulan” (2 places), outside the kitchen in the lower school building and in the northern part of the main building.

Kitchen and dining rooms

In the main building, in ”Gamlegården” and in “Ulan” you have access to kitchens while the ones staying in the upper school building are adviced to use the small kitchen in the lower school building. If you are to use the bigger kitchen in the lower school building, please make sure you are aware of how to use the big dishwasher. NOTE! If you use it incorrectly you might empty Östads hot water reserve in 1 hour.

Waste and compost

Garbage should be placed in the green square boxes which are placed down at the lower parts of Östad, in direction of the stable. Composts are available in the southern entrance of Östad.


Before leaving Östad, make sure all rooms are left in the same condition as when you arrived.


The nearest supermarket (Hagstroms) is located south of Östads church about four kilometers from Östad towards Gothenburg. Larger supermarkets are found in Alingsås where we would recommend either the ICA’s two stores, Willys or Coop.


All forest roads are provided with booms. Keys could be found in the office.

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