The education held at Östad säteri are conducted in a number of different buildings, see below for description of these:

(1) Disponentbostaden (main building): 

Two double bedrooms and a room with three beds. Restrooms with showers in each room. In the basement there is a sauna.


(2) Gamlegårdens upstairs: 

Two double bedrooms and a small kitchen, a restroom with shower

(3) School building:

Four double bedrooms with four restrooms and three showers. The classroom has space for 40 students. The room has internet access and other technical equipment. On the ground floor you have the dining room with space for 40 students and two kitchens, one intended for the students and one for common events.

(4) Ulan:

Tre små dubbelrum. Två toaletter med dusch samt ett gemensamhetsutrymme med matsal.
SLU-lägenheten med två dubbelrum, kök och toalett. Används normalt som lärarbostad.

(5) Overview Östads manor:



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